Our Services

Lee's Cooling and Heating uses the HEPA-AIRE method for cleaning your duct work. The powerful HEPA-AIRE 2500 portable powervac sucks out dirt, pollen and mold, making your home cleaner and healthier. Considered the most effective method for cleaning air ducts, this method also improves system capacity, lessening run time for your furnace or air condtioner and saving you money!

Lee's also offers 24 hour emergency service as well as installation and maintenance for Carrier heating and cooling equipment. This includes both commercial and residential applications.

At Lee's, we use Abatement Technologies' high-performance air duct cleaning equipment and specialty tools to physically remove dirt, debris and other contaminants from commercial and residential duct-work systems. This system is an exceptionally portable, HEPA-filtered air duct cleaning vacuum designed to clean HVAC duct systems faster and more efficiently than other services.